Xana is an independent Queer artist emerging from the West Coast with a gritty dark pop rock sound. Known for her ferocious honesty and relatable subject matter, Xana has taken the world by storm with the release of countless singles, her debut album Tantrums in April 2022 and her initial North American tour in 2023.

Xana creates worlds that bring listeners on adventures with explosive arrangements, heartfelt moments, and bright, courageous attitude. Her high energy tracks are unapologetic, relatable, and intimately revealing.

She has built an incredibly passionate fanbase that connects with her openness on her sexuality and her self-discovery journey. Xana looks to be the role model she couldn’t find in her youth with her openness, using her music as an outlet to share the life experiences that many can relate to.

Xana’s music encompasses themes of LGBTQ romance, female empowerment, sex positivity, self-reflection and discovery.